Pandora Anti Hi-jack Device


The Anti Hi-jack device named the Immo is perfect to stop all forms of vehicle hi-jacking it works by having a small tag which sits on your keys or the belt pocket ( supplied in the kit ). If you are driving along then hi-jacked once the Pandora Immo senses you have left the vehicle it will start the countdown procedure which is a series of bleeps followed by the engine being immobilised.


The system also works by immobilising the vehicle unless a ADR / Immobiliser tag is in range meaning the vehicle won't start unless a tag is present. This protects you against all forms of key scanning or key cloning.


Vehicle hijacking is a big thing in the UK. As such customers are looking at way of protecting themselves and there vehicles. The Pandora Immo anti hijack device works by immobilising the vehicle while your at a safe distance. Meaning the vehicle wouldn't have travelled a massive amount before it immobilises the vehicle.


A nice feature about this product is the way the device is hidden and it can't be traced back from an LED. Most of the products features can be acessed via the bluetooth mobile app which is avaliable to download for the apple or android store. Your phone can also be used as a tag in an emergancy if the battery goes flat within the ADR tag.