Parking Sensors Fitted Essex


Parking sensors are more important to have now than ever before due to the small size of most parking spaces. Car windows are very curved and small which don’t help reversing a vehicle the slightest.


We offer a 3 year warranty on all of our parking sensor kits to give you complete piece of mind in the equipment we are supplying. These sensors can also be colour matched to the exact paint code of the vehicle.


Kits we can supply and install are the Steelmate/Valeo and Cobra kits which have been well known for years and offer a very good protection for the rear of your vehicle. The Steelmate kits come with an adjustable tone and sound buzzer making it perfect for every customer, Don't like the high pitched beep? no problem simply switch the buzzer over to a lower tone which is softer on your ears. This kit is also perfect if you have kids in the rear of the vehicle you are able to turn the buzzer sound down.


We also offer Cobra OE style sensors which are OE spec, most car manufactures use these kits at the factory so you can be assured these will last the lifetime of the vehicle, Cobra are an Italian brand and have offered the best products for years.


The OE style sensors are completely flush and offer the best look and sleek style on your vehicle these look the same as Audi sensors as standard. The can be fully painted to make it look like your vehicle has come out the factory with these installed as standard.


The come with a soft to ear buzzer as standard but if needed a full display can be added for that more original equipment feel. These can be mounted on the rear headlining or on the dash board giving a LED reference as to how far you are away from the object your reversing upto and also stating which side via the LED display.



The Flush mount Cobra kit is getting more and more popular due to the appearance and making other parking sensors look very out of date.


Fully adjustable sensor to match any bumper thickness and they are stuck up from behind the bumper via a strong glue which will last for many years. all the connectors are waterproof and offer the best match to any original equipment fitted as possible.


Parking sensors cost a small amount compared to the cost of replacing or repairing a new vehicle bumper this can also effect your no claims on your insurance if you put it through them. Cobra sensors also can have there beam pattern adjusted or programmed to suit the vehicle there fitted to unlike universal kits.


The Cobra flush mount kits have a range of 1.8 meters un programmed which is outstanding and will give you the best warning when parking if your backing up to an object.


Parkmaster Cobra kits also offer programming if there is a tow bar fitted as standard they won't pick up the tow bar and still offer great protection.




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