Pandora Car Alarms - The Best Alarm In The World


Pandora have a wide range of alarm and immobiliser systems offering excellent security unlike any other brand the world. With there advanced anti clone and anti scan wavelenght working on 868Mhz you can rest assured your alarm system won't be turned off in seconds unlike some other brands.


The Pandora systems all come with an ADR tag, This tag needs to be within range of the vehicle in order for the alarm and immobiliser system to fully disarm. This means even a thief with a cloned key or if a thief has programmed in a key via the OBD port the vehicle will still be fully immoblised and secured.


Pandora offers a FREE bluetooth app for all there immobiliser and alarm systems allowing you to tweek settings and make changes when needed such as the ADR detection range.


Pandora Mini BT



The Pandora Mini BT is the entry level system chosen by many due to its advanced features and its excellent price point. The Pandora Mini BT is designed to work alongside the original vehicle remote control. The system will arm and disarm providing the ADR tag is in range. This allows the system to fully disarm and turn off the immobiliser.


The Mini BT features the following as standard.


Anti Hijack

Anti Clone ADR Tag

Dual Zone Shock

Tilt Sensor

Free Pandora BT App

Protection For Doors, Boot

Protection against all forms of key cloning and scanning.


Pandora Light Pro


The Pandora Light Pro is the bench mark for excellent performance and security. The Light Pro features a secure ADR tag that sits on the vehicles keys. Without this ADR tag being in range the system won't disarm, Meaning the Light Pro remains secure protecting your vehicle at all times.


The Light Pro features an LCD remote which works up to 1 mile away from your vehicle, giving complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. If you have the warn away sensor fitted the remote will also alert you to any movement around your vehicle. Unlike the Mini BT the Light Pro features a nice sleek LED and it also offers Valet mode which allows you to lock / unlock the doors and start the vehicle without the need for Tags or remotes being in range.


You also have the ability to add on extras such as remote start. The Light Pro is for customers wanting to know there vehicle is secure even when they are not near it.


The Pandora Light Pro features as standard.


Anti Hijack

Anti Clone ADR Tag

Dual Zone Shock

Tilt Sensor


Free Pandora BT App

Protection for Doors and Boot

Protection against key cloning and key scanning

Long range LCD remote up to 1 mile range


Pandora Smart Pro



The Pandora Smart Pro is the prestige GPS alarm and immobiliser system. The Pandora Smart Pro is designed to work alongside the original vehicle remote control. The system will arm and disarm providing the ADR tag is in range. This allows the system to fully disarm and turn off the immobiliser. This system features full GPS tracking which you can view at any time by logging into your smartphone ( Apple or Android ) or by logging onto a desktop pc. The system will also send alerts to your smartphone in the event of an alarm being triggered meaning you are always connected to your car 24 / 7.


The Smart Pro features the following as standard.


GPS Tracking

Alerts To Your Smartphone

Anti Hijack

Anti Clone ADR Tag

Dual Zone Shock

Tilt Sensor

Free Pandora BT App

Protection For Doors, Boot

Protection against all forms of key cloning and scanning.


Pandora Professional V2


The all NEW Pandora Professional V2. The world’s best and most advanced car alarm just got even better! With all NEW features which include its own built in backup Battery, which gives the system full power even if the vehicles battery is disconnected. The Professional V2 will keep you updated real time through its long range OLED pager remote, built in GSM modem which calls, test and also communicates through 3G. Receive important alarm and service notifications straight through the mobile phone network. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. All this can be done anywhere in the world using Pandora’s specially designed smartphone app. Available for both iOS & Android. Pandora pro V2 now also has a 4.2 Bluetooth modem. This allows for short range control from your smartphone even if your phone doesn’t have phone signal. Pro V2 package also includes up to 5 immobilisers points on your vehicle all controlled by you. This includes two hidden wireless Bluetooth immobilisers. These immobiliser can be hidden anywhere in the car killing important electrical circuits stopping the car from starting or moving. With no wires to follow it’s almost impossible to find these hidden immobiliser easily! Please note: Extra fitting charge will be added for all immobilisation points to be fitted to your vehicle


Pandora DXL 5000 Pro V2 technical features:

  • Remote start ( Optional Extra )    
  • Dialog code    
  • Turbo timer ( Optional Extra )   
  • GSM    
  • CAN-bus connection    
  • GPS    
  • Remote LCD two-way pager    
  • Additional one-way pager    
  • Immobilizer with tags    
  • Shock sensor    
  • Motion sensor    
  • Tilt sensor    
  • Wireless engine lock switch    

The Pandora Professional features a very loud 118DB siren, to grab attention if your vehicle is under attack. Remember the Pandora professional will send a push notification to your smartphone via the Pandora online app in the event of an alarm trigger.


The Pandora Professional protects you against the main attack methods used by today’s car thieves…

Roll jam

Key scanning  

Key cloning

Unlike other devices on the market the Pandora Professional Immobilises your vehicle in more than one way

Our packages are all about layers of security.  One of the key points of any aftermarket alarm is the engine immobiliser. All our packages come with a minimum of 2 immobiliser points on any installation with up to 2-5 immobiliser points on the larger systems. Want the most secure installation in the world? why not add our wireless immobiliser modules onto your system! These talk to the alarm wirelessly meaning even if the wiring is traced back to the alarm ECU they still won’t be able to find the wireless immobilisation module.


Handsfree locking also works with your OEM door button and proximity key.

Pandora’s Hands free locking allows you to Simply walk up to your car with the Pandora tag in your pocket. When the alarm systems detects the immobiliser tag, the vehicle will automatically unlock and disarm the Pandora system, completely hands free. As you walk away, and the tag signal is lost, the alarm will arm, lock and secure the vehicle. No more fumbling around looking for your keys and pressing buttons!

It will also work through your Fords ( and many other vehicle manufacturers ) Proximity entry with proximity key. With the security encryption of the Pandora tags. No tag and the Pandora will stay fully armed and immobilised.



With all our packages we have added a minimum of 4 additional sensors. These detect..

Tilt – Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.


Shock zone – Hard impact detection

Shock warn – Light impact warning detection

Motion – Accelerometer, detects speed and movement.

Smartphone (iOS & Android) Bluetooth Sensor

GPS Tracking 24/7 tracking online or smartphone

Full GSM online 24/7 ( app is always online being updated / current state of vehicle )

Dual Proximity sensor with Warn away

Anti Hi-jack


Optional extras which you can add to the Pandora Professional package

Remote Start

Adjustment Sensors can be simply adjusted using sliders in the Pandora specially designed smartphone app. Also lock unlock your car all from your Smartphone up to 20meters away. The Pandora Professional offers everything you could possibly want in a security package. The Professional is regarded as the most advanced alarm and tracking system in the world.


We have already established that the standard OEM factory remote encryption can be scanned and cracked. But by using the encrypted Pandora immobiliser tag as well, the owner can still use the OEM remote safely to lock/Unlock the vehicle. What this means is as long as the Pandora tag is within the set distance from the vehicle, when pressing the lock/unlock button on the factory remote, the Pandora will also arm and disarm. If the code from the OEM key is scanned and transmitted back to the car by a thief, and the tag is not close to the car, the Pandora will stay armed and immobilise the car making it near impossible to take the vehicle. This also means all the owner needs to carry on his keychain is the factory OEM remote and Pandoras tiny immobiliser tag.



Remember we are the only PLATINUM dealers located in Essex for Pandora Car Alarms.