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Starline Can-Bus Immobiliser Now Stocked

Posted on 15th March, 2019











Starline is Russias market leader when it comes to Can-Bus blocking and security. We are now stocking the Starline Can-Bus immobiliser. It gives more features and security over any other system on the market, with it's dual canbus blocking which is supported on many vehicles and you also have the ability to add additional immobiliser cuts which increases the security even further.


The Starline uses the original vehicle buttons to disarm the immobiliser everytime you enter the vehicle. If you wish you can add a smartphone such as Apple and Android to automatically disarm the immobiliser via Bluetooth everytime you enter the vehicle.


Due to the product being made in Russia you can rest assured of the very high quality parts and components. We offer a full 3 year warranty on all Starline equipment. We are fully approved dealers of Starline in Essex.

Pandora Professional 2

Posted on 9th November, 2018

2019 is going to be a good year with the Pandora Professional 2 being released. The Pandora Professional 2 offers more ground breaking tech over every other alarm on the market.


Some key features are listed below....

  • Bluetooth 5.0 this is the latest Bluetooth platform.
  • Onboard back up battery. If power is lost the unit remains active.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 immobiliser tags ( Can't be cloned ).
  • Rechargeable OLED remote.
  • GPS Tracking.
  • Apple and Android App.
  • Start your car with Siri.
  • 868Mhz 128bit. ( Most secure alarm in the world ).

Pandora will be releasing the Pandora Professional 2 very soon and we can't wait it is going to be the number 1 most advanced car alarm in the UK. This system offers more protection than any other alarm and immobiliser system in the world. You are simply protected from all forms of attack possible. Such as key cloning, key scanning and hijacking. If you are removed from the vehicle by force and the theives have your keys you can simply immobilise the vehicle from your smartphone or landline by phoning the alarm system.

Meta Super Alarm

Posted on 11th October, 2018


Meta have released a combined alarm and GPS tracking system all in one. This system will also send you push notification alerts to your smartphone in the event of an attack. Meta are the largest alarm manufature in the world producing more security products per day than any other brand. Meta have gained there excellent reputation from excellent build quality and reliability.


The Meta Easy Can works alongside the original vehicle remote control meaning when you lock the doors the alarm arms and disarms when you unlock the doors. The Meta systems are fully Thatcham approved for complete piece of mind.


Having a built in GPS tracking system into the alarm is ideal due to many tradesmans vans being attacked and the alarm sounding outside without them knowing. The Meta alarm will trigger and send a push alert to the owners smartphone giving complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle.

Pandora Immo Fiesta ST Fitted Essex

Posted on 4th October, 2018


The Ford Fiesta ST is still one of the most common stolen Ford vehicles, this owner wasn't taking any chances and wanted to protect there ST with the best security / anti hijack immobiliser on the market. The Immo works by having an ADR tag which sits on the vehicles keys. Without this tag in range the vehicle will remain immobilised / unable to start. If you are driving the vehicle and you get hijacked the Pandora Immo will look for the ADR tag being present within the vehicle if this is not seen the Immo it will start counting down in anti hijack mode giving 30 seconds warning before cutting the engine. This means the vehicle will be at a safe distance from yourself before the engine cuts out.


The Immo also features a free Bluetooth smartphone app which you can download for Apple or Android. This app allows you to change the user emergancy pin code or adjust features if required.


We are fully approved Pandora Platinum dealers located in Essex. If you would like to book your performance car in for the very latest immobiliser protection from Pandora you can call us on 07525068291.

The BMW 3 series is a vehicle which many owners still want secured on this excellent example we fitted a Thatcham approved Cobra Cat 1 alarm system. This gives the owner complete piece of mind when leaving there vehicle. The Cobra Cat 1 features full protection for your doors, boot and bonnet alongwith the vehicles interior. The interior is covered / protected via a microwave sensor this will detect any movement within the interior. The great part about this sensor is it can be hidden within the vehicle under plastic trim. Meaning you can't see the sensor within your interior, the only part seen throughout the whole installation is the small override LED.


The Thatcham approved alarm offers immobilisation of atleast 2 cuts meaning the vehicle can't be hotwired. All immobiliser wiring is black meaning no wiring can be quickly or easily joined in order to start the vehicle. The Thatcham approval means the system also offers a full battery back up siren this means even if the siren wiring is cut the alarm will remain sounding.


We are fully approved Cobra engineers based in Essex. We offer fully mobile installations with a certifcate at the end of installation. call us today on 07525 068291 to find out more.

The Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro share the same issue where the sliding door can be bent / folded down by thieves to gain access into the rear. Sadly this is becoming more and more of an issue and as such it has a name for this type of attack known as ( peeling ). The Alarms we offer as standard offer protection for doors but due to the door still being closed the peeling of the door at the top won't cause the alarm to trigger.


This is why we have a microwave add on for our alarm systems, if an owner is concerned about door peeling the alarm system we fit can be upgraded with a rear mounted microwave sensor. If the door is pulled back and movement is detected the alarm system will instantly trigger it's loud 118db siren.


This sensor known as a microwave can be added to all our alarm systems such as Cobra, Meta, Laserline, Gemini and Pandora. Pandora also offer a wireless tilt and shock sensor which is perfect for side load doors, any impacts or tilting of the door will cause the Pandora alarm system to trigger.

VW Golf Autowatch Ghost Fitting Essex

Posted on 19th September, 2018

The VW Golf GTI and R models are very common to get stolen in the UK sadly. The Autowatch Ghost is a fantastic product to stop the vehicle being started and driven away. The Ghost uses a series of buttons once you turn the vehicles ignition on to allow the ghost to disarm and the vehicle to start.


Most common buttons used on the VW's are the steering wheel buttons and window buttons on some VAG vehicles. The Ghost can also pair with your iPhone to disarm the ghost by simply getting into the vehicle and turning the ignition on. The Autowatch Ghost app must be purchased from the Apple store to allow disarming via the iPhone.


The Autowatch Ghost arms 30 seconds after the vehicle ignition is turned off meaning you can never forget to arm the system when leaving the vehicle. The Ghost offers excellent protection by by being undetectable via vehicle diagnostics and any other type of Can-Bus tools. Once the device is hidden within the vehicles wiring loom it is almost impossible to find unless you know the exact location.


We are fully approved Autowatch Ghost installers in Essex.

Toyota Lucida Laserline Alarm Installation Essex

Posted on 18th September, 2018

This Toyota Lucida was fitted with our Basic Alarm and Immobiliser from Laserline Italy. These alarms offer rock solid reliability along with excellent protection. These systems protect all the major entry zones such as doors front, side and rear along with the vehicles interior giving excellent coverage. The system features a loud 118db siren which sounds in the event of the vehicle being under attack.


If you wish to leave pets in the vehicle this alarm also has a great feature which allows you to turn off the interior sensors. The Laserline also offers an immobilisation cut which stops the vehicle being hotwired with a screw driver for example. The system also comes with a 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind.


If you would like a basic or Thatcham approved you can contact us today on 07525 068291.

BMW X5 Tracker Fitting Essex

Posted on 18th September, 2018

The BMW X5 is sadly one of the top 10 vehicles stolen in the UK every year. As such insurance companies are requesting a Thatcham Cat 6 or Cat 5 tracker to be installed before the insurance will offer cover or in some cases give you a grace period of cover. A Thatcham approved tracker is a monitored device which is tracked 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.


All Thatcham approved stolen vehicle recovery tracking devices have a subscription which has to be paid direct to the tracking company in order for them to track your vehicle at all times. This includes your ability to self monitor the vehicle via the smartphone app or the desktop pc log in. Most owners find it great that you can simply track the vehicle the vehicle or keep an eye on it's location when simply opening an app on your smartphone.


The average monthly subscription is £12.49 or you can pay yearly @ £149. This is very affordable and effective if you are low on cash flow. A Thatcham TRI certifcate is issued once payment of the subscription is made.

Thatcham category list

Posted on 14th September, 2018

The Thatcham list shows all the categorys for each Thatcham approved system.


Thatcham Cat 1

Alarms & Immobiliser

Unit must feature protection for the doors, boot and interior.

Dual immobilisation

All black wiring

Battery back up siren

Anti Scan and Anti Grab rolling key code


Thatcham Cat 2


Dual immobilisation

All black wiring

Anti Scan and Ati Grab rolling code remote or touch key