Meta ADR Immobiliser


The Meta ADR immobiliser is an excellent bit of kit to keep your vehicle secure. The good thing about this system is there is no input required by the user. You simply get inside the vehicle and drive away. The Meta ADR offers immobilisation at all times unless the ADR tag is within range this stops all forms of key cloning and key scanning which is carried out by many vehicle thieves.


The Meta ADR also features an override touch key which is used for the service mode. You simply place the touch key onto the base and it will turn off the immobiliser completely meaning you can start and drive the vehicle as many times as you want or put the vehicle into a main dealer without the worry of the immobiliser activating and causing them issues working on the vehicle.


The Meta ADR system can stop your vehicle getting stolen by all forms of common attacks used by todays common theives unlike other products this system is anti clone and anti scan which means you don't have to worry about the signal being cloned.


If you would like a Meta ADR installed why not contact us today.