Car Stolen Vehicle Recovery Tracking Systems


Many tracking systems are available on the market today but you need to think about what features you would like from your tracker, Some units offer personal web tracking which allows you to log on and see the location of your vehicle. you can also get units which allow you to set stolen key theft alerts which send you a text message if the car or van's ignition is turned on. This is a great way of fighting crime where the vehicles keys are taken during the night to steal your car.


We offer Cobra,Tracker,Smartrack and Scorpion Track systems which are all insurance approved and will give you the best chance of getting your vehicle back when its stolen.


All the tracking systems which are insurance approved have to have a subscripton which needs to be paid to the tracking company once the tracker has been fitted. Scorpion Track are currently leading the way with the cheapest GPS stolen vehicle tracking system subscription of just £130 per year, That's less than £11 per month for protecting your car by a secure control center which track your vehicle 24/7  and 365days per year.


Smartrack Trident Thatcham Cat 6

( Includes Smartphone and Web Based Tracking )

The Smartrack Trident is the leading Thatcham Cat 6 unit currently on the market. Smartrack offer outstanding vehicle recoverys within the average time of 21 mins meaning they are very effective from start to finish. You also have the ability to log onto your Apple or Android smartphone and check the location and battery voltage of your vehicle. You can also view the vehicles past 30 days history by loging onto your desktop.


The subscription is very cost effective @ only £12.49 per month or you can pay yearly @ £149. If you are going to keep the vehicle for many years Smartrack offer a lifetime payment of £399. Please be aware you still need to purchase the unit.


Cobra Trak (Thatcham Cat 6 Approved)

Car Tracker Essex


Got a prestige car or a hot hatch now is the time to have a tracker installed, Cobra Trackers come with a tri roaming sim installed. and Anti jamming technology on board with protects your vehicle from thefts using jamming devices.


Which means no matter where your vehicle is taken once it has been stolen it changes networks until it finds the strongest signal which many other systems don’t offer. The units are fully weather proof and can be installed anywhere on the vehicle which means a theftdoesn’t know where to look, Some trackers are so large with extra Ariel's there is limited places to hide them within the vehicle we supply one of the smallest units on the market.


All trackers come with a subscription service which you need to pay for due to the tracker having a sim inside, It’s like paying for a mobile contact and the advantage with sim trackers is the vehicle can be found much quicker than older type trackers like RF based systems.


Cobra Tracking systems are used by major car brands





Tracker Monitor & Locate (Thatcham Cat 6 Approved)



We are also Tracker approved, Tracker have been around for almost 20 years now and with there robust VHF unit your car is going to be found no matter where it is taken due to the unit using such a high frequency that the unit can't be jammed or block via metal in any way. This is a great system if you are very worried about your car not being found.


Tracker have also made a system which has VHF and GPS on board which gives instant vehicle location within 1 meter and a solid RF track-able signal if the vehicle has been put inside a lead container ready to be shipped abroad.


Tracker have been the leader in stolen vehicle recovery for many years and have even been used by Top Gear on the BBC to offer tracking in one program and it never fails due to the robust signal the unit emits once needed.


They offer a great budget unit which keeps your insurance happy and has a low cost subscription each year. The only downside to Tracker brand units are they can't be transferred to other vehicles. It may be worth while looking at other brands if you can your vehicle often. The budget unit can also lead to a slow vehicle recovery in some cases due to the RF signal having to be traced by police in there cars.


Tracker Monitor and Retrieve are very strong and reliable units due to the RF signal they produce which will still pick up even in a steel container. The Signal is tracked in police cars by a system which uses arrows and a signal strength counter when they are getting closer and closer to your vehicle. It may take slightly longer in some cases but you have a much higher chance of your car or van being found and recovered.


Tracker Locate uses all of the above but has a customer log in where the customer can keep an eye on there vehicle and set geo fence areas and alerts when the vehicle is started. This is a nice feature if you leave a prestige car or motorhome in storage and its not being moved for a while. You can be sent an alert straight away by Email or SMS text message.


The Tracker Monitor is good for classic cars and prestige vehicles where they are left and the vehicle battery goes flat often. It is a device that requires no power in any way from the vehicle due to it having its own source of power it has a 5 year battery life. Once the 5 years has gone you will need to have the unit replaced.



Scorpion Track (Thatcham Cat 6 Approved)



Many more customers are also requesting the Scorpion track which is a new Thatcham tracking product coming into the tracking market place, fully CAT6 Thatcham approved and the unit was designed and engineered in the UK. Every electrical part in the unit is made and fitted to the unit in the UK.


They offer the best customer care and the unit has a very stable software platform, also offering a GPS not built into the unit which means the unit itself can be hidden out the way really well and the GPS can go in the best possible place to get the best satellite signal.


They are also leading the way with there 120 day battery back up life, which is great if the vehicle battery has been disconnected, also gives the owner pace of mind.


Also they are coming in with one of the lowest subscription charges per year at around £130 pound, many people ask where does my subscription charge money go?


They have a sim card in the unit which is the same as your mobile phone, this is used to connect to the Internet to transfer data from the unit to the secure control center, where they track the vehicle 24 hours a day 365 days per year, so the subscription charge is not just paying for the sim card it is also paying the control centers wages.


Scorpion Track is approved by ...  Aston Martin, Ford, Renault, Toyota, Subaru, DAF, Triumph


Smartrack Protecter Pro & Key Guard Systems (Thatcham Cat 6 Approved) *** NO LONGER AVALIABLE ***


Smartrack offer a budget unit to make your insurance company happy and protect your vehicle if its stolen at the same time. The smartrack call center is avalible 24/7 365 days per year offering the best customer service and quick response time to any vehicle alerts or working with the police to recover your vehicle.


Smartrack also offer a keyguard system which keeps your vehicle safe even if the theft has the keys, If they jump in the vehicle and start it without entering the security 4 digit pin code an alert will be sent straight away and smartrack will contact you very quickly to find out what is happening and to make sure its a false alarm.




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