Cobra Car Alarms




Cobra are the largest alarm brand in the world due to most new cars coming with Cobra products as standard they are leading the way in the most advanced vehicle security with there new range of coded remote the signal is the most secure over any other system ACE code learning.


Cobra also offer alarms for new types of vehicles where a Thatcham analoge alarm would not be suggested due to the vehicle running on data. We can program the alarm to the exact vehicle specs and features you require of your car or van.


Cobra G193

When you have had a basic cobra alarm installed you can put your mind at rest it is the most reliable basic car alarm on the market today. With a small compact siren and small remote controls you can't go wrong with having this system installed. Cobra have also included the white colour matching ultrasonics with this alarm which make the installation look factory standard.


Full onboard locking for linking the alarm up to the central door locking on the vehicle. and a small flashing led.


Cobra G198


The Cobra G198 series is very good for a vehicle you want an alarm installed onto but the vehicle was made after 1996 where immobilisers now come fitted as standard due to EU regulations. This system has all the features of the alarm above but comes with a backup battery siren and a output which can be wired to the vehicles boot pop if it has one fitted.


This system comes with the Cobra strong remote controls, we have never heard of one being broken before. comes with one of the smallest alarm ECU's around in the UK.


Cobra 4138 Thatcham Cat 1 Approved

The best made Thatcham Cat 1 in history, it is one of the most fitted Cat 1 alarms in the EU due to the ease of programming and quality. The difference between the 4138 and the 4138HF is the HF means the mircowave sensor is included over the standard ultrasonics which is great for a convertible where you need to leave the roof down in the summer.


The Microwave sensor is also good for classic vehicles meaning no a pillers or headlining has to be disturbed due to the microwave sensor sitting under the center console.


The 4138 comes fully loaded with all the regular features and the super strong Cobra remote controls like most of the G series.


Cobra 4600 Series Can-Bus Alarm Thatcham Cat 2>1

The Cobra 4600 Can-Bus alarm is very popular in the UK and all over the world due to its advanced features and wireless siren offering excellent protection and reliability. The Cobra 4600 works alongside the original vehicle remote control. The alarm system protects all the doors and the vehicles boot, Along with the vehicles interior. The siren is a full battery back up 118db sounder. This means if the wire is cut the siren will keep sounding.


The Cobra features protection for the following.





118DB Battery Back Up Siren

Thatcham CAT 1 approved one installed


Cobra 4600 ADR Can-Bus Thatcham Cat 2>1

 The Cobra 4600 ADR alarm is the ultimate system to fight against key cloning and key scanning. The system is exacltly the same as the normal Cobra Can-Bus alarm system but features a secure ADR tag which sits on the vehicles keys. Without this tag being in range the alarm goes into a pre disarmed state. The vehicle is immobilised throughout this stage. After 15 seconds the alarm will start bleeping loudly, After a further 15 seconds the alarm will fully sound it's 118db siren and flash the vehicles indicators.


The Cobra ADR is perfect for customers worried about key cloning or if a key has already been cloned into a vehicle. The ADR System protects all your vehicles zones such as the doors and boot. The interior can also be protected by adding an additional glass break or shock sensor.


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