Starline Can-Bus Immobiliser


Starline is one of the leading brands in Russia for can-bus immobilisation. They have now released there Can-Bus immobiliser in the UK offering a hidden immobiliser which you wouldn't even know it's installed on the vehicle. This system requires a series of button presses within the vehicles interior before the vehicle is allowed to start.


You can also add ADR tags onto this system to allow the system to disarm once it senses the tag in range meaning you don't need to enter a pin number everytime you enter the vehicle. This system also allows you to download a Bluetooth app for your smartphone to be used in order to disarm the immobiliser system this works with Apple and Android.


The system also blocks new keys from being programmed into the original vehicles ECU giving more security than a normal immobiliser. This system is compatiable with many cars on the market but it is best to contact us before hand to let you know which buttons can be used within your vehicle to disarm the immobiliser.


We fit the Starline Immobiliser in the local Essex area.