BMW Key bypass whats the problem with the OE security system?


Most BMW owners are worried about the flaws in there standard security system, And they should be with most BMWs a theft can slide out the drivers window glass and be undetected by the original security system due to the sensors being located to far back. once the glass is removed they will then plug in there machine into the OBD port which is located around the drivers knee area. When the have access to the vehicles OBD port you can say bye to your car due to being able to program a new key for the vehicle that will allow it to start and drive away in seconds.


How can I protect my BMW from getting stolen?


There are many options you can choose from the most common one is the Clifford Can bus alarm system with adjustable dual zone proximity which will detect movement by the drivers window glass before the window is even removed. and sound a loud chirp, If the glass is removed the alarm will sound its full siren.


Ford Transit's are stolen very quickly find out why?


You can access a ford transit by buying a Ford Tibbe Pick and Decoder this will allow any theft to walk upto your vehicle and put this device in the drivers door and once they have got the code for the lock they can then open the drivers door which turns of the original alarm system and turns of deadlocking. Once the doors are open they then open the bonnet and target the ECU once this is swapped over for an uncoded ECU system they can shut the bonnet down and drive the vehicle away in seconds without making any noise.


How can I protect my Ford Transit from getting stolen?


We supply and fit an approved alarm system to stop your ford transit from getting stolen in the early steps of an attack by triggering the alarm once the door lock is attacked on your vehicle before the theft gets entry. We can also supply extra immobilisers which increase security even more and stop your vehicle getting stolen. All devices we supply are Thatcham approved.


Renault Traffic and how the rear doors are attacked?


The Renault and Vauxhall van group have a very weak rear and side door handle protection system as standard. They have handles which include a huge amount of plastic and the door catch is only a very small distance away from the handle and once they force the plastic handle out the way they can simply attack the door catch meaning the door pops open in seconds. This is very worrying if you leave all your tools inside.


How can I protect my Renault or Vauxhall from this attack?


Get extra van dead locks fitted or get a kit which replaces the plastic handles to a full metal replacement this set up is very strong and includes a slam lock which locks the door every time you shut it and protects the vehicle from entry.


Most of these vans don't have a Thatcham alarm as standard, So you should have a Thatcham alarm upgrade installed to protect it from a regular break in and protecting it from getting stolen.


Ford Fiesta MK7's are being attacked find out why?


Since Fords release of the MK7 Fiesta they have become one of the largest targets in the UK, With there bumpers and side skirts being worth a fortune and most selling on ebay once stolen it is now a good time to get your car protected from bumper theft. They have also been known for getting stolen within seconds due to the access to the vehicle ECU and many Ford dealers wiring the Cobra alarm upgrade incorrectly causing the vehicles to be taken without making a sound.


Mercedes Sprinter Cat been stolen? 


The Mercedes Sprinter is such an easy target for thefts with a plain view of the cat once crawling under the O/S it is very easy to unbolt or grind off in seconds and thefts know they can get away very quickly with over £2000 worth of parts. If your Cat is stolen you will have hours of down time on your working vehicle. You should think about getting In Car Advancements to install a pro cat alarm. PRO CAT  


Ford Fiesta Bumpers and Side Skirts being stolen?


Since the MK6.5 Fiesta has been released bumpers are being taken from owners vehicles without making a sound. They sell for a fortune on the blackmarket and quiet simply the Standard Ford horn alarm is no help at all. We always suggest having an alarm with dual zone proximity which will pick up anyone walking around the sides of the vehicle and make a very loud buzz alert tone. We also suggest getting trigger loops installed, They get routed through a part in the bumper and once attacked the alarm will sound. All our Thatcham alarms have a battery back up unit and will keep sounding even if the siren is attacked.


Ford Connect vans getting stolen?


Ford Connect vans have been a big target this month due to the ECU being very easy to attack and swap over with an uncoded module which allows the vehicle to start without having a coded key. The drivers and rear load doors can be unlocked by a ghost key and this won't make a sound and the Ford horn alarm is disarmed at the same time. The best way to secure this vehicle is have a Cobra plip upgrade alarm which works alongside the Ford remote fob.


Whats the best way to stop key theft?


Key theft is the fastest growing crime in the UK, Most vehicles require a professional theft to swap over immobiliser parts to get the vehicle started without messing around setting alarms off. Most vehicle thefts are done when the house is broken into everyone knows if a car is on the drive 99% of the time the keys will be inside. Once anyone has your car keys its easy to drive off and be long gone. But we offer a product which stops this type of vehicle theft its called the keyguard system, It looks like a car alarm remote fob but has 4 numbers on it and you need to enter a secret 4 digit pin code to allow the car to start. This system can be really well hidden out of sight and it would stop a theft in its tracks.