Ford Approved Ford Transit Alarm Fitted In Essex

Posted on 29th October, 2012

In Car Advancements can fit a Cobra Alarm 2-1 Thatcham upgrade to your Ford Transit which has been approved by The Ford Motor Company.

What features does this alarm have?

  • Battery Back Up Siren 118 DB @ 1M
  • Ultrasonic interior sensors
  • All Doors - inc Rear and Side protected
  • Bonnet protected
  • Approved by Fords
  • Indercator flash when sounding
  • Glass break and tilt can be added at any time
  • Can't be disarmed via ghost key
  • Made in italy
  • Thatcham certificate

Why has this been aimed at Ford Transits? because they are a very high profile target in Essex and you should get yours secure as soon as possible.


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