Clifford New Remote Start Range

Posted on 24th March, 2013

The new range from Clifford isn't designed for someone with a 206 looking for an upgrade. This system can be fitted to brand new cars like Bmw's and Audi's which gives the owner the best protection for any new vehicle.


Most BMW's are easy to break into and with a comfort of adding a Clifford remote start and security system will give you the best piece of mind. The 5204 can be linked in to allow remote start at anytime, also has a turbo timer which will allow the engine to run for upto 3 mins while the keys have been removed.



Using Responder technolgy meaning the remotes are the most responsive in Clifford history and they have the sleekest made remotes.



Whats the diffrence between this and the viper system? nothing these are the same system 100% it is only the black remote finish. Over in the USA Viper is more well known than Clifford but they still want to give the UK customers a good choice.

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