Fiat 500 & 595 Abarth Pandora Alarm Upgrades

Posted on 24th August, 2018


The Fiat 500 and 595 Abarth models are being stolen on a daily basis in Essex due to these having very limited security as standard. As such thieves take advantage and get access to the vehicles OBD port allowing new keys to be programmed in which allows the vehicle to start and drive as normal. We offer many Pandora alarm upgrades for this vehicle such as the Pandora Mini BT ( most popular ), Pandora Light Pro and the Pandora Smart Pro.


The Pandora Mini BT is the most common due to it being the entry level system but fully packed with features such as...

  • ADR Immoiblisation tag
  • Free Smartphone App
  • Dual Zone Shock
  • Tilt and Motion
  • Doors, Boot Protection
  • Anti Hijack
  • Pin Override Button
  • 120db siren
  • Engine Immobilisation

This is more than enough security for many Fiat 500 and Abarth owners but if your looking for slightly more such as an LED, upto 1 mile LCD remote pager, and a service mode. Also the ability of being able to turn off the dual zone proximity. the Pandora Light Pro might be the better system to go for. If your wanting complete smart phone control and GPS tracking the Pandora Smart Pro would be the system for you.